IMU Previous Year Question Papers & Syllabus Download – BTech (ME) – Odd Semesters

Cadets find IMU Previous Year Question Papers to be very helpful in preparing for the semester examinations. Surprisingly, the question papers and the syllabus is so difficult to find on the public domain that it has become a very valuable resource. Here we have compiled the past year question papers with the respective syllabus. You now just need one PDF file for one subject and that too is a click away.

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After analyzing the semester exam question papers it can be easily deduced that a fair percentage of the questions are picked up from IMU previous year question papers. It allows the cadets to perform better in the semester exams. You can analyze the weightage carried by different chapters. Download previous year papers and boost your preparation with ease. These papers can also be used as practice sets before the exam.

BTech Marine Engineering Past Year Question Papers

Semester – I

1. EnglishClick Here
2. Mathematics-IClick Here
3. Basic ThermodynamicsClick Here
4. Basic Electrical & Electronics EngineeringClick Here
5. Engineering Mechanics-IClick Here
6. Workshop TechnologyClick Here

Semester – II

1. Compute ScienceClick Here
2. Mathematics-IIClick Here
3. Applied Thermodynamics- IClick Here
4. Strength of Materials-IClick Here
5. Engineering Mechanics-IIClick Here
6. Seamanship, Elementary Navigation and Survival at seaClick Here

Semester – III

1. Analog Electronics And CommunicationClick Here
2. Applied Thermodynamics IIClick Here
3. Electrical Machines – IClick Here
4. Mechanics of Machines-IClick Here
5. Computational MathematicsClick Here
6. Strength of Materials – IIClick Here

Semester – IV

1. Marine BoilersClick Here
2. Digital Electronics & PLCClick Here
3. Mechanics of Machines-IIClick Here
4. Electrical Machines-IIClick Here
5. Fluid MechanicsClick Here
6. Marine Heat Engines and Air ConditioningClick Here
7. Applied Marine Control and AutomationClick Here

Semester – V

1. Material ScienceClick Here
2. Ship Structure and ConstructionClick Here
3. Marine Internal Combustion Engines – IClick Here
4. Fluid MachinesClick Here
5. Marine Auxiliary Machinery – IClick Here
6. Naval Architecture – IClick Here

Semester – VI

1. Material ScienceClick Here
2. Marine Electrical TechnologyClick Here
3. Marine Internal Combustion Engines-IIClick Here
4. Naval Architecture-IIClick Here
5. Marine Auxiliary Machinery – IIClick Here

Semester – VII

1. Ship Operation and ManagementClick Here
2. Advanced Marine Control Engineering and AutomationClick Here
3. IMO-Maritime Convections and Classification SocietyClick Here
4. Applied Marine TechnologyClick Here
5. Engine Room ManagementClick Here
6. Renewable Energy Sources and ApplicationsClick Here

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