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Unmanned Machinery Space On Ship

What is unmanned machinery space?

Unmanned machinery space is a marine automation system for ship’s engine room. In others words UMS are controlled from the bridge rather than from a control room located within the engine room compartment.  Shipping, the backbone of the world economy, is undergoing digital transformation which means IoT, ICT, autonomous ships, artificial intelligence and unmanned ships. In these challenging times that have highlighted the needs for greater resilience in globally maritime sector. UMS is the key factor which is transforming industrial process all over the world. The International Maritime Organization supports the implementations of automated electronic data exchange from ship to ship and ship to shore to increase efficiency, safety and security of maritime navigation and communication.

Unmanned Machinery Space

What is called a machinery space onboard?

In general, we human are more and more dependent on technology and machinery to assist in our day to day lives. The marine industry is not any different, and with significant progression in information technology, we now have sophisticated machinery and technology that’s slowly taking over our roles with in the workplace more than others. An often question that comes to peoples mind is ‘How far can we really go in unmanned machinery spaces as to completely eliminate the need for crew?’ Therefore, the technological underpinning of shipping and presenting a concise typology of shipping technology affordance. A multitude of orthogonal or intertwined technologies, create such as A.I. algorithms and block chain platforms, create a multitude of digital solutions, such as digital assistants for shipping professionals or secure, decentralized cargo-tracking processes. Digital technology and solutions for sipping are further intertwined with related supply chain technology and solutions.

Unmanned Machinery Space

Steps of digital revolutions in maritime sector

  • IoT adoption enabling better ships and fleet operations.
  • ICT( Information and Communication technology)
  • Autonomous ships
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Autonomous vessels and smart shipping.

What are the safety precautions taken on unmanned machinery spaces?

On a ship certified for unmanned operations, the machinery spaces may be unattended for a maximum of periods, no vessels is to operate with the consecutive spaces unmanned in the following circumstances.

  • A person should never enter or remain in a UMS alone, unless received permissions from, or been instructed by the engineer officer in charge at the time.
  • Before entering into the space the methods of reporting should be clearly explained, and it should considered to give appropriate suggestion, for instance to using a ‘permit-to-work.’
  • If it is the engineer officer in charge who enters the machinery space alone, then it should report to the deck officer. And the major  notice of safety precautions to be observed by personnel working in unmanned machinery spaces should be clearly displayed at all entrances to space.
  • A warning should be given that in unmanned machinery spaces or UMS, there is likelihood of machinery suddenly starting up. It should be adequately illuminated at all spaces.

 Thus, these safeties should be implemented by all.      

Safety impacts of unmanned ships

  1.  Having a clear understanding of purpose:  Weathers its digital or manual, people involved in the works need to understand the documentation works properly so that it does not get manipulated.
  2. Understand the practical issues: People should not entirely depend on the UMS system rather they verify all information provided via the system.
  3. Having a backup plan:  A completely UMS means great resilience and a proper plan should that helps to cover the entire process and helps to proceed further so that work should fair.

Financial Impact: An unmanned ship with digitalization provides the potential to boost economy by billions and creates a new jobs and enhance the quality of life for society. And it has a greater impact in developed economies than in developing one.  Although, it affects the productivity across the sectors, and its impact on employment in uneven.

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