INDIAN NAVY Launches “SAMUDRA SETU-II” to Overcome Oxygen Shortage In The Country

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Oxygen Shortage In The Country

The Indian Navy has launched an operation called “SAMUDRA SETU-II” as the country is facing a oxygen shortage due to the second wave of COVID-19. As the country is currently facing a second wave of COVID-19, an enormous number of people are affecting by that. Due to this, the beds in hospitals are filled with patients. So the people started to quarantine themselves in their houses. This resulted in a shortage of liquid medical oxygen in the country.
Many people including foreigners are donating funds to produce oxygen in the country. As support, our Indian Navy has launched this operation to get enough oxygen to all the people who are fighting against COVID-19. Indian navy ships like Kolkata, Kochi, Talwar, Tabar, Trikand, Jalashwa, and Airavat are implemented in this operation to get oxygen from various countries.
The first batch of ships like INS Kolkata, INS Airavat, INS Jalashwa, and INS Talwar has gone for this operation in the Arabian Gulf. INS Talwar has gone to the port of Bahrain on April 30. INS Kolkata has also went to Doha and Qatar for medical supplies and then it will arrive at Kuwait to bring liquid oxygen tanks. INS Talwar arrives in New Mangalore from Bahrain carrying 50 tons of oxygen on May 5th,2021. INS Kolkata arrives at Port Shuwaikh, Kuwait and they are on the way to home. INS Airavat has collected liquid medical oxygen from Singapore and started to reach home on May 5th,2021. INS Jalashwa who played a key role last year during the covid-19 crisis has been pulled out of maintenance and it is en route to Bangkok now.
The second batch of ships like INS Kochi, INS Trikand, and INS Tabar has gone for their operations in the Arabian sea. In addition to that INS Shardul is being ready to join the operation within 5th May 2021, said Commander Karnik.


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