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Company Security Officer

Company Security Officer

What is company Security officer?

The company Security officer is the designated person appointed by the company to maintain contacts with the SSO(ship security officer) and PFSO(port facility security officer) and is responsible for the formulation of the SSA(ship security assessment).

The company security officer knows the layout of the ship and after the ship security assessment, the ship security plan has been made by the ship security officer.

What is the role of company security officer?

The company security officer may act as a company security officer for one or more ships, depending on the number or types of ships the company operates, provided it is clearly identified for which ship this person is responsible. According to company requirement based on the number or types of ships they manage, designate several person as company security officers.

The role of the company security officer include:-

  • Advising the level of the threats likely to be encountered by the ship, using appropriate security assessment and other relevant information.
  • Ensuring that ship security assessment is being carried out properly.
  • Make sure that the development, submission for approval, and the implementation and maintenance of the ship security plan onboard the ship.
  • Ensuring that the ship security plan is modified, as appropriate to correct deficiencies and satisfy the safety and security requirements of the individual ship.
  • Arranging for internal audits an reviews of security activities.
  • Arranging for initial audits an subsequent verification of the ship by the administration or the recognized organization.
  • Enhancing the security awareness and vigilance.
  • Ensuring sufficient and proper training for personnel responsible onboard for the security of the ship.
  • Ensuring effective communication and cooperative between the ship security officer and therefore the port facility officer.
  • Confirming that the availability of  security requirements and safety requirements.
  • Ensuring that any other arrangements approved for a particular ship or groups of ships are implemented and maintained.

Who shall designate the company security officer?

 The managing company or the ownership should designate the company security officer based on his/her experience and competency. The company appoints the company security officer as per his/her skills through the experience and the practical knowledge.

Who is board SSO ?

The SSO (ship security officer) of the ship is a competent person appointed by the company, he is responsible for the security aboard the ship. The ship SSO maintain the SSP (ship security plan).

The competent person onboard the ship having the knowledge of the ship security plan(SSP) and qualifications through training in different requirements to be sso is appointed as the ship security officer.

Onboard a ship security officer can be the chief officer or captain or second officer, in most of the cases ship security officer is the chief officer, but it differs company to company to whom to appoint as ship security officer according to their policy.

A shop security officer must be placed or appointed for each ship and must be identified in the ship security plan.

The ship security officer must have general knowledge are follows;

  • Item those are listed for the company security officer.
  • Vessel layout
  • The ship security plan and related procedure, including scenario based response training.
  • Operations of the security equipment and systems.
  • Checking of the capacity of security equipment and systems,  their maintenance while at sea.
  • Crowd management and control techniques.

The ship security officer may perform other duties within the company’s organization, provided he or she is able to perform the duties and responsibilities required of the ship security officer for each such vessel. All the company security officer,  ship security officer, port facility security officer, are appointed in order to prevent the incidents onboard as well as on shore port by maintaining the safety requirements and standard on ship .

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